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PlayStation Network down for a long count, what's up Sony? (update: down for 24+ hours!)

We've been hit by a big batch of dismayed tips from PlayStation gamers this morning, who are finding themselves unable to log in to the PlayStation Network (again). Sony's response has been to acknowledge there's a problem in the vaguest of terms -- "We're aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down" -- and to promise an update on the situation as soon as it's available. Alas, that statement was issued over nine hours ago and there's still no word of either a rectification or an explanation for the outage. The error code provided by the console is, as you can see above, somewhat uninformative as well. So come on, Sony, what is going on with your Network?

Update: PSN is acknowledging on its EU blog that the network outage may be a result of "the possibility of targeted behaviour by an outside party." Still no ETA for when services will be restored.

Update 2: PSN is now reporting that the network may be offline for "a full day or two."

Playstation Network Down

Reports are coming in from American PlayStation 3 owners that the PlayStation Network seems to be down. PSN login attempts are getting an error message: 80710A06.
The PlayStation US Blog is aware of this:
We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.
Thank you for your patience.
One has to wonder if this is a technical screwup with the servers or an attack by the infamous Anonymous hackers, whose attitude towards the Sony/George Hotz legal settlement has been “unforgiven”.
Stay tuned.
[UPDATE: From today's PS Blog:
The PSN is undergoing an outage and currently these services have been affected:
  • Qriocity
  • PlayStation Store
  • Account management
More as we get it.]
[UPDATE 2: Sony is saying it may take a day or two to deal with the outages.]

PlayStation network down after 'Free Realms' online game launch

PlayStation network down: A Sony PlayStation network crash has coincided with their much anticipated 'Free Realms' massively multiplayer online game launch. The network may be down for days, Sony says. 

New York
Sony PlayStation fans in the US and Europe were looking forward to playing several new PlayStation games, including Sony's first free massively multiplayer online game release, Thursday. What they got instead was a disconcerting error page.

 The official Sony blog says that, far from a momentary network hiccup, users should expect the site to be down for as long as two days.
Though the service outage has clearly been a rough start for Sony's new online game, Free Realms, it has locked users out from playing many other Sony PlayStation games online, including four other brand new releases. Along with Free Realms, the outage coincides with the release of Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, SOCOM 4, and inFAMOUS 2's beta release. Users on Sony's blog page have been particularly vocal about not being able to play Mortal Kombat and the inFAMOUS 2 beta release. Dozens of other PlayStation games capable of network-play will be locked out for the next 24-48 hours.

What makes this more frustrating to users is the possibility that the network error is due to an intentional hack of Sony's network. The Sony blog message reportedly addressed "the possibility of targeted behavior by an outside party," but has since removed any reference to being hacked.
The hacker group Anonymous already took down several Sony sites earlier this year and received international attention after taking down the websites of Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal in 2010. This time, however, Anonymous is not claiming responsibility.
The DDoS attacks, made famous after Anonymous' retaliation for the Wikileaks shutdown, were used again earlier this month on various Sony sites. The Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) was the sci-fi-sounding tool Anonymous used, but it did not bring the network down completely like it was brought down last night. Earlier this year, after Anonymous' hack, Sony engineers said the attacks were only "medium strength" and were more of an annoyance to engineers than anything else.
If the network was hacked, Sony is sure to be addressing the security holes over the next day or two see that it doesn't happen again. Either way, PlayStation users are up in arms over the timing of this outage.

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